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Correct gender display for qualifiers
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I am discovering Wikidata. I am very sorry if this issue have been discussed already but I haven't been able to found it.

Well, I am contributing in French and I am adding some members of music bands. So I created entities for each members, adding them has humans (P31 is Q5) and feminines (P21 is Q6581072). I added those to the band under has part (P527).

The issue is that I added then to the band a qualifier object has role (P3831) and I wrote "chanteuse" (French for a feminine singer), the correct Qid is suggested ("singer", Q177220) but the wrong term is displayed: "chanteur" (French for a masculine singer). I felt I made a mistake and tried again several time, thinking I made wrong. I finally resign and added "chanteur" to a woman, something wrong to me.

I can imagine it may be delicate to deal with more than one word by language for a Qid but it is the reality of human languages, at least for those with gender systems (and classifiers in a way).

It seems odd to display the wrong text when the entity (in my example, "singer", Q177220) have a fulfilled female form of label (P2521) and the gender of the property is also fulfilled. The data is here, but not displayed as it should be.

I hope I made myself clear and I am welcome any comment or suggestion about this issue.