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Timeout while generating PDF using WSexport
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Recently while attmpting to generate PDF with WSexport tool I got the following error:

The process "'ebook-convert' '/tmp/www-data/ws-c0_Ziemia_polska_w_pie_ni-299111454683965.epub' '/tmp/www-data/ws-c0_Ziemia_polska_w_pie_ni-299111229852467.pdf' '--page-breaks-before' '/' '--paper-size' 'a5' '--pdf-page-margin-bottom' '32' '--pdf-page-margin-top' '40' '--pdf-page-margin-left' '24' '--pdf-page-margin-right' '24' '--pdf-page-numbers' '--preserve-cover-aspect-ratio'" exceeded the timeout of 240 seconds.

The error is repeatable. No problem while generating EPUB.

My test on external VPS (64-bit wit 1GB RAM) shows that EPUB->PDF conversion takes no more than 70s. While the complete process is about 275s. So:

  1. is the ebook-convert in toollab so slow, or the error message is misleading?
  2. how can we workaround this?
  3. if the timeout concerns the whole ebook generation process, maybe this should be changed to separate timeouts for EPUB generation / format conversion to avoid discriminating some ebook formats?

I noticed that for large books, whole process can take on 1GB server even as long as 15 minutes.