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Fix broken links & improve documentation for most-used gadgets linked from statistics pages on meta-wiki
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Gadgets statistics on each of the wiki project pages linked from are super valuable. Most likely, they are generated and frequently updated via the EranBot

The problem with those pages is that a majority of gadgets mentioned on them appear with a red link as they don't have a page yet on meta-wiki. So, it is hard to obtain any information at all about these gadgets if they are not well-known and have proper documentation elsewhere.

Probably, this can be addressed with help from a bot that helps link the Gadget to existing documentation on a Wikimedia wiki. If there isn't one that exists, then there can be two alternatives:

  • Add a link to the Gadget's source or definition page.
  • Create a page on meta-wiki for the Gadget with missing documentation following a consistent template (name, description, gadget image, source, how to install, definition page, etc.).

At the very least, updating documentation for most-used gadgets (such that it is consistent and complete in relevant venues) link from: might be worth it. Not sure if this is part of a bigger project already.

If not, this task could be a part of Outreach-Programs-Projects or Google Season of Docs 2020.

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The problem with those pages is that a majority of gadgets mentioned on them appear with a red link as they don't have a page yet on meta-wiki.

Looking at e.g. this seems to be created / updated by EranBot so this might require changes in Eranbot? CC'ing @eranroz as maintainer.

I think I would not fix the red links in the "Gadget" column. Either they could be turned into plain text in order to not be links to pages on meta, or the column header could say something like "Gadget (link on meta, if existing)"?

(Unrelated, but seeing updated five years ago it also makes me wonder if it's still up-to-date and there simply have been no changes to default gadgets on Wikiquotes, or if it's a bit outdated and could be run again. :) )

@srishakatux: I don't believe the benefits outweigh the costs. If I understand correctly this will end up in creating more (potentially unmaintained) documentation on meta for dozens of gadgets, or in maintaining for years to come a manual list for each and every gadget where to find its (more or less) canonical documentation.
(If I am wrong or misunderstand, then please do correct me.)

I agree that the mix of blue and red links in the "Gadget" column on meta:Gadgets/somefamily/default and meta:Gadgets/somefamilyisn't great.
Readers of these pages may think that a blue link means "here is the canonical source of that gadget", while the link target on meta might just be yet another outdated copy of a copy.

IMO the way ahead is to

  • not have the first column be links but be plain text instead. I created a pull request in
  • run the bot and update the pages on meta
  • resolve this task
  • in general, encourage people who copy random gadget code to always keep a comment header where to find latest, hopefully maintained, canonical gadget code. has been merged (thanks @eranroz!) so the items in the first column should not be links anymore the next time that the bot runs.

However it's unclear to me how regularly that bot is run (seems like November 2019 was the last time on some of the pages?), and where and how it is triggered. Maybe @eranroz could provide some background info? :)

@Aklapper I agree with the steps you have entailed, and they seem like a great way to move forward on this task!

@eranroz: Do you know how regularly the bot is run, or how to trigger it? Asking as it looks like Nov2019 was the last time on some of the pages, e.g. here or here. Thanks in advance!

it runs monthly with cronjob from toolserver - probably the session expired. Lunching now manually the default gadgets,

Thanks for fixing the bot, eranroz! Looks like everything in T251362#6354079 is done.

Nothing left to do in this task if I understand correctly, hence resolving this task.

Though wondering who is supposed to remember to update the Gadgets_popular_on_wikis list from time to time and how (@srishakatux: Any thoughts?).

@Aklapper as that page will always have a limited number of gadgets chosen based on criteria, manually updating the statistics (on a yearly basis) seems like a reasonable option. I can file a task around this if it makes sense.

@srishakatux: Anything that allows remember updating (once a year or such) and does not depend on the brain of an individual person is welcome. e.g. a task. :P

Filed T267063.

Thanks @eranroz for your work on the bot :)