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Fix broken links & improve documentation for most-used gadgets linked from statistics pages on meta-wiki
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Gadgets statistics on each of the wiki project pages linked from are super valuable. Most likely, they are generated and frequently updated via the EranBot

The problem with those pages is that a majority of gadgets mentioned on them appear with a red link as they don't have a page yet on meta-wiki. So, it is hard to obtain any information at all about these gadgets if they are not well-known and have proper documentation elsewhere.

Probably, this can be addressed with help from a bot that helps link the Gadget to existing documentation on a Wikimedia wiki. If there isn't one that exists, then there can be two alternatives:

  • Add a link to the Gadget's source or definition page.
  • Create a page on meta-wiki for the Gadget with missing documentation following a consistent template (name, description, gadget image, source, how to install, definition page, etc.).

At the very least, updating documentation for most-used gadgets (such that it is consistent and complete in relevant venues) link from: might be worth it. Not sure if this is part of a bigger project already.

If not, this task could be a part of Outreach-Programs-Projects or Google Season of Docs 2020.