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If someone else has already answered this question, please tell me before posting my duplicate/redundant reply
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Since the Reply tool knows which comment I'm replying to, why can't it tell me, when I click the big blue button, that someone else has already replied to it while I was typing?

And perhaps more generally, consider telling me before I post that someone else has edited the page in the meantime.

See @Marc's description at

To extract the reasons/description from the broader post, and with some additions:

Currently, the reply tool doesn't give any indication about new changes to the discussion/page since the page loaded (other than a warning/error message either beforehand or afterwards, in case of drastic changes to the page). Within the widget there's no way to figure out if there are any changes before publishing a comment, and the whole page gets updated silently after successfully publishing the comment: any intermediate changes to the page, also in other sections, are updated/'injected' without visual indication (while the just added comment has a fancy fading background color).

(In comparison: when replying using the regular edit page, clicking the "Show changes" button 'warns' of any changes to the section – instantly when the preference "Show previews without reloading the page" is checked.)

As a starting point for this task/request:
After clicking the blue "Reply" button, a note or warning message similar to the 'comment-disappeared' error message could be shown, postponing the publishing process (instead of cancelling like when the replied-to comment disappeared in the meantime). Something like:

There have been other changes to this page since it loaded. Click 'Reply' again to post your comment, or you can reload the page first to see the changes.

Ultimately, something like a 'live' button for updating/injection of changed and new comments would be great, comparable to a news site's live blog.[1] I'm aware that a Wiki talk page is a bit more complicated than a linear thread of news items, but – seeing that publishing a comment with the reply tool already uses some live update of the page, without reloading it – a button to update the page (with e.g. a background color indicating changes and added comments) while the reply tool widget stays open, seems not to be a too far stretch.

See also:

[1] Fore example 'liveblog' articles on (button "X nieuwe berichten tonen" at the top), 'live updates' articles on (floating button "↑ X New Updates").