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Links not working inside <indicator> tag at Russian Wikivoyage
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We got a problem with links placed inside the <indicator> tag at Russian Wikivoyage. Each article contains two icons in the upper right corner. The map icon opens a built-in map created by Extension:Kartographer. The GPX icon calls a Toolserver script that collects geo-points listed in the article. Since yesterday, these links no longer work when placed inside <indicator>, but they do work when they are outside of the <indicator> tag. What could be wrong here?

Example of an article: (the icons in question are in the upper right corner)Шпайер

The <indicator> tag is defined inside:

Thank you in advance!

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Note that this problem appeared simultaneously with T255118

Atsirlin lowered the priority of this task from High to Medium.Jun 11 2020, 2:56 PM

We figured it out that the indicators were hidden behind bodyContent, and fixed the problem by setting {z-index: 2} for .mw-indicators. However, it is still unclear what caused this problem and whether our solution is optimal in this case.

The solution you've come up with is the right one. There was a technical change that moved where the banner was being renderer - T254534 - it is now rendering in the site notice which changed the DOM order to make indictors before the subtitle. This order will be fixed when T248761 is complete.

Thank you for reporting this!

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Not sure what the correct project tag would be but it doesn't look like it's PCS related.

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