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Add cache key information to metadata json
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			// Input for cache key
			$cacheOptions = [
				'code' => $code,
				'lang' => $options['lang'],
				'note-language' => $options['note-language'],
				'raw'  => $options['raw'],
				'ExtVersion' => self::CACHE_VERSION,
				'LyVersion' => self::getLilypondVersion(),

			$imageCacheName = Wikimedia\base_convert( sha1( serialize( $cacheOptions ) ), 16, 36, 31 );

The above is for generating the cache key... Which is all well and good, but we have no way of knowing from the files left on disk what version of lilypond generated it, for example...

So when lilypond is upgraded, files are regenerated, and the old files stay on disk forever (currently), with no easy way to know which are the old or new versions

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