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Invalid "thumbwidth" and "thumbheight" in "imageinfo" query when thumbnailing larger than original image
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Author: pol

Original image is which is 49x50 pixels.

Here's a request for a thumbnail that fits in 600x600:

And the relevant portion of the returned XML:
<ii timestamp="2010-04-21T21:55:46Z" size="5111" width="49" height="50" thumburl="" thumbwidth="588" thumbheight="600" url="" descriptionurl="" metadata="" mime="image/png" />

Since the image is smaller than the requested thumbnail, the API correctly returns the original file instead of a scaled up version, but "thumbwidth" and "thumbheight" are wrong.

Version: 1.17.x
Severity: normal



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pol wrote:

Thanks much for fixing this fast. When is the new API pushed to the servers?

To save duplicating responses, I'll just reply here.

It's usually as and when. If it's a bug fix, it'll usually be higher priority, but if you *really* need these things, poking a sysadmin might give some results

pol wrote:

These 2 issues are not urgent, but I'd certainly like to see them fixed in the next couple weeks.

Are there regular server updates like once a week or once a month, or do I have to ask a sysadmin? If the later, could you provide pointers? Thanks.