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Setup Mailman3 in Cloud VPS
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After creation of "mailman" project (T257270: Request creation of mailman VPS project). We need to setup a test system in the cloud. So far my work is as follows:

  • A database VM (mailman-database): Large, to hold mailman3 and mailman3web
  • A small VM (mailmna-mailman01): Unpuppetized version of mailman3, mailman3-web, exim4, and hypetkitty services
  • A small VM (mailman-mailman02): Puppetized version mailman3, mailman3-web, and hypetkitty services
  • A small VM (mailman-mx): As the entry point of mailserver,
  • A small VM (mailman-puppetmaster): A self-hosted puppetmaster for mailman02 so we wouldn't need to merge every patch first for puppetizing mailman (T256542: Puppetize mailman3 web and hyperkitty (mailman archiver))

So far, works but when I create a mailing list, the web doesn't show it :/

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Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2020-08-01T21:22:29Z] <Amir1> associate to mailman-mailman01.eqiad.wmflabs and create A DNS record of pointing to that IP (T258365)

Some progress report on this.
I managed to get everything working: (And example:

image.png (903×1 px, 128 KB)

It's not puppetized yet, I wrote down all steps I have done manually on a paper to puppetize but spot the idiot who lost it and can't find it.

mx node is not needed as the mailman node would relay the mail (production is like this too). Database works just fine.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2020-08-08T20:14:57Z] <Amir1> made mailman-puppetmaster a stand-alone puppetmaster and made mailman-mailman02 a client (T258365 T256536)

BTW I managed to get exim working with the production ACL which is an award-worthy accomplishment. The only part I haven't fixed it is rewrite and that's blocked on T259981: Wikimedia exim config drops mails it's relaying from * . I put config in P12203 for backup purposes.