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"Page published at $1" misses chunk of the link
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After the page is published, [[MediaWiki:Cx-publish-page-success]] is shown: "Page published at $1" where $1 is the link.

Actual Results: (Johan_Jönson_(författare), sewiki → Юган_Йонсон, ukwiki)

image.png (673×1 px, 121 KB)

The link misses the "" part.

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I think relative URL should work, but why does it show HTML..?

the actual results in my content translation is: (Zilla_Slab, enwiki → Zilla_Slab, eswiki)
the link misses the part.

I did a translation today and did not see this issue.

Lucas_Werkmeister_WMDE claimed this task.

Thanks, then I’ll be bold and close this :) please reopen if it occurs again.