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What if anything do we need to add to a stock Django project to make localizing the user interface for RTL languages "easy"? Cssjanus or a similar project can be used to generate alternate css stylesheets. What other things might be needed?


  • Use Cssjanus (or similar tool) to produce "flipped" layouts
  • Do not use inline css styles, instead use class or id based rules which can be directionally flipped when appropriate
  • Have native speakers of RTL languages help check for RTL display problems

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bd808 triaged this task as High priority.Aug 21 2020, 8:33 PM

From the UI perspective, here is a bit about the RTL support T261029#6449439. There seems to be promising packages and frameworks in both React & Vue that makes it possible.

@Ladsgroup and @Addshore, do either of you have any hard learned wisdom on RTL support in features that you can share with us? I remember vaguely seeing a blog post or wiki page about things that were learned in developing Extension:RevisionSlider at some point.

@eranroz Do you have any advice on basic tooling that should be included in our new Django app to make supporting RTL in the interface and content easier?

I'm sorry, I haven't done anything multilingual with Django (and including modern frontend frameworks like React) but I would be definitely happy to test anything. I know only css janus and we have been using it in mediawiki (IIRC) and I'm quite happy with it.

Similar to Amir, I have no much experience with Django, but css janus works pretty good in many cases.
Just as a good practice, it is good to keep in mind to avoid using inline styles that are LTR/RTL specific (such as style="text-align:left;") but to prefer id/class to make it easier to define it in clean CSS than can be adapted to RTL friendly

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Current recommendations documented at We may have new questions in this area once we get into actually building and localizing the UI.