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Make the custom edit summary functionality more discoverable
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T249391 implements new functionality for enabling people to customize the edit summary that accompanies comments posted with the Reply Tool.

This task is about making it easier for people to discover/notice this functionality within the Reply Tool.

Note: before this task is worked on, the "Assumptions" need to be validated.


  • A significant number of people who are seeking to customize the edit summary that accompanies the comments they post with the Reply Tool are not aware this functionality exists


In an initial test of the technical prototype that introduced the "custom edit summary" functionality to the Reply Tool, several volunteers shared that they found the functionality difficult to discover:

  • @geraki: "The "advanced" label does not make clear about the feature that it enables. Why not just "edit summary"? (unless you intent to put more under there)"
  • @Patriccck: "great would be button "Show field for edit summary every time" or settings icon in the Reply tool ..."
  • @LittleGun:
    • " would like it being a separate link "Open edit summary" when not visible, and "close edit summary" visible. Not under advanced."
    • "I do not think that is the reason to hide edit summary in advanced. There can also be found code for expanding edit summary."
  • Feedback from Czech Wikipedia: Advanced user (sysop) didn't know that he can add custom summary because of "hided" field.

The above are quotes from this conversation on


Not an exhaustive list

  • A: Change the location of the "Advanced" affordance within the Reply Tool
  • B: Change the appearance of the "Advanced" (size, iconography, link text, etc.)

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Please consider showing the edit summary box by default, so no one has to discover a method to reveal it. This matches the UX when replying in the traditional way, and is a good use of space.