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The language code NB listed as just Norsk, it should be Norsk Bokmål
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From Android user feedback:

I just installed the Wikipedia app and noticed a huge error in the languages list. The language with language code NB is listed as "Norsk", not "Norsk bokmål" as it should. We have two written languages in Norway: norsk nynorsk (NN) and norsk bokmål (NB), so listing one of those as just "norsk" is inaccurate (and is also considered to be very rude). The website version of Wikipedia has correctly listed the language as "norsk bokmål", not only "norsk". Hope you can fix this soon! Languages are important to people.

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Thank you very much, @ABorbaWMF , @Dbrant and others. The same problem is still present on * though – should that be filed as a separate bug? This language code discrepancy is fixed for desktop with $wgInterlanguageLinkCodeMap in InitialiseSettings.php. Ideally the apps & mobile website should look up that setting in order to not duplicate these things over several codebases.

@jhsoby Thanks for checking! Yes, I'm afraid that will need to be a separate bug.