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GSoD 2020: Week 4
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This task is a break-down of the fourth week of GSoD based on the timeline T255360: GSoD 2020 Proposal: Improving Wikimedia's onboarding processes and documentation standards

Related tasks for other weeks can be found here T262918: GSoD 2020

Week 2 - 4 (September 21 - October 9)
  • Carefully study Wikimedia's style guide.
  • Define the expectations of genre templates to be created for each genre.
    • Walkthroughs, How to's, and Tutorials
    • Quick Start Guides
    • APIs
    • SDKs
    • Libraries
  • Create a template for a documentation genre that can help documentarians get started easily.
  • Create specific templates for each genre that conforms with the style guide.
  • Discuss methods that can help standardize these guides across all projects.

Last week, we decided to replace the SDK genre with libraries, which is a lot more specific.

Coming up with a general template for libraries isn't as easy as it might seem, different libraries have different use cases and take up different forms, but after going through the documentation of several libraries and some additional research, I was able to come up with the following template structure.

  • Title
  • Getting Help
    • FAQs
    • Library Index
    • Reporting Bugs
  • Getting Started
    • What is Library X
    • Installation Guide
    • Writing your first X
  • Concepts in X
    • Concept A
    • Concept B
  • Tutorials & How to
    • Setting up the project
    • Doing X
    • How to do Y
  • Module Index
  • Contributing to X

The progress of this template can be constantly checked here


Alex suggested a very nice template for formatting code, all some samples on templates created so far were updated to use these templates.

There were quite a lot of grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors on the templates created. Most especially, the templates for API's. A copy editing pass was done on all of them, and they are currently being reviewed.

The following week has a task not relating to the creation of templates, so WHAT's NEXT for genre templates creation?
I am still very much interested in creating as much template as I can for several documentation genre, therefore, I hope to find some free time to work on them before the end of the Internship. Week 9 - 11 seems like a goo time to do this.

If I am unable to create templates for all genres before the internship comes to an end, I definitely will continue to work on them as a volunteer, although by then I and the mentors might have other priorities which might not make progress as fast as it was during the internship period...