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Update Media Search measurement specification with Visual Editor measurements
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The Media Search measurement specification describes research questions and measurements for Media Search. It is focused on Media Search as an alternative to legacy search on Commons. This means it does not include a description of the proposed integration with Visual Editor and measurement of that as defined in T260254. Because these projects are closely related, and it's meaningful to have a single place of reference for proposed questions and related measurements, this task is for updating the measurement specification so it describes everything.

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kzimmerman triaged this task as Medium priority.Oct 19 2020, 4:13 PM

I've updated the measurement specification to incorporate the Visual Editor measurements that we're interested in doing. This involved separating between Media Search on Commons and image search in Visual Editor, so there's now some separate sections for those where I thought it was reasonable.

While making these changes I also removed the "draft" status of the document and added a change log to the start of it in order to track significant changes made from here on out. This made sense to me at this point as we appeared to have reached stability in the goals and measurements. It also reflects that it's a document I'll keep referring back to when working on instrumentation and measurements needs, and update if necessary.

I flipped the parent/child task relationships around here as well, as that more correctly reflect the task dependencies.

I'm moving this to the sign-off column on the Product Analytics board, and pinging @Ramsey-WMF and @CBogen for reviews and comments when they have some time to look at it. If everything looks good, feel free to close this task.

Looks good to me! Would be great if @egardner could take a quick look as well.

Looks good! 👍🏼