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Work with visualisations in WDQS and other widgets for musical data
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This task is connected with working with musical compositions from Levande musikarv – T266236

Work with, for example, maps and coordinates.

Discussion here:

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Tore_Danielsson_WMSE added a comment.EditedNov 2 2020, 10:51 AM

We are also working with "Bellmans sånger och epistlar" when they are well defined and a good amount of objects to work with.

Working document:

Go on with Fredmans epistlar:

Tore_Danielsson_WMSE added a comment.EditedMon, Nov 23, 2:58 PM

Prepare questions for discussion on Bybrunnen about music related issues:

Bybrunnen discussion:

Write about this problem in the report. There are several details that can be discussed.

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