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Manually install the Mukta family of fonts
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In T261479: Wikisource: Make it possible to use any installed fonts in ebooks we dropped support for the Mukta fonts because they're not available in the Debian repos. They should be manually installed on both the prod and test servers, because they're used in a few places.

The full list is:

  • Mukta
  • MuktaMahee
  • MuktaMalar
  • MuktaVaani

They're open source and available from

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Done (on both test and prod), and the installation instructions updated.

Links like this should work again now:

dom_walden added a subscriber: dom_walden.

I can export an ebook with the options fonts=Mukta, fonts=Mukta Mahee, fonts=Mukta Malar and fonts=Mukta Vaani.

Mukta (Devanagari), Mukta Mahee (Gurmukhi) and Mukta Malar (Tamil) are also listed in the dropdown on the web form.

For example:

I checked that for the epub and pdf versions font files of the appropriate name are included in the ebook.

Just to make sure, for Mukta Vaani I compared the font files in the ebook to the one I downloaded directly from the source (

I notice that included in the ebook are just two font files:


But downloading from the source there are 7:


I am assuming this is the same issue as T261479#6587022 and will be fixed there, so no reason to keep this open.

@Samwilson How many points should we mark this as?

Samwilson set the point value for this task to 2.Nov 5 2020, 1:01 AM

@dom_walden Thanks!

@ifried Probably 2.

I've looked at the examples provided by Dom of books downloaded from the test version of WSExport with Mukta fonts, and they look good. Additionally, I tested downloading Tamil & Bengali books with the Mukta font on the test & production versions of WS-Export. In all cases, the exports looked good. As Sam noted that this is done on both test and production, so I'm marking this as Done.