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Allow Toolforge users to manually start/restart/stop buildpack based web servers
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In most cases users will deploy new versions of their tools by pushing commits to git, triggering the CD pipeline. But there are some cases in which you'd like to manually restart your tool or stop it entirely.

To provide this functionality, one option could be to repurpose the webservice CLI that users are already familiar with, but it could also be confusing for people to use a legacy tool to manage the "new" thing. We could also have a different CLI just for buildpack web servers.


The goal down the road is to make it so there is not need for or even access to a bastion for login...maybe with some way for a person to interact with a webUI or a CLI that doesn't run on a bastion by requirement. (It's a nice dream).

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Beyond that, it would be best to let something other than a bona fide push trigger a full redeploy. Kind of like how Jenkins responds to "recheck" comments in gerrit with a build. It's tricky to wonder about that overall because we don't have the CI setup in place yet. Many of them can easily do that from a webUI, but the workflows need to be somehow predefined if we expose such a thing to users. We are coming around to the point where figuring out what that is going to be might be important.

Andrew triaged this task as Medium priority.Dec 8 2020, 5:48 PM