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(MS 3) allow to query for Item values
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As an editor I want to query for values that link to Items in order to query for basic important data.

We currently don't allow selecting Items in the value part of the query. A lot of basic and important queries ("instance of:country" etc) require it however. We need to support Item values.


  • Instance of: country
  • gender: female


GIVEN a visual query
WHEN selecting a Property of datatype Item
THEN I can select Items in the value field of the query

Acceptance criteria:

  • correct SPARQL code is generated
  • type-ahead suggestions are available similar to current input on Wikidata (including input of Q-ID instead of label)
  • only existing Items are suggested and can be selected


  • We use the lookup component for the value input

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Amy and I checked it. It is really nice and works well. We just noticed one issue with duplicates in the result set which we so far overlooked. Amy will create a new ticket for that since it's not specific to Item values.