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Add lexeme language code nan-hani
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We have over 500 lexemes using nan-x-Q8201 for Min Nan in Chinese characters (query), it would be better to use a recognised script code.


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Fri, Jun 25, 12:00 AM

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There is also T180771 which requests this code (plus several others) to be added as a monolingual code. Until there's final approval there, this one has to wait.

T180771 has a slightly different scope and seems stale.

@Amire80 @jhsoby for lexemes, would this be ok?

Esc3300 set Due Date to Fri, Jun 25, 12:00 AM.Fri, Jun 11, 6:37 AM

Since nan-hani was added as a language for labels, this will be fixed once T277836 is.