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Allow hiding of automatic logs
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When looking at [[Special:Log]], there is no way to filter out all automatic logs while displaying all non-automatic logs. By automatic logs, I'm referring to logs of "side-effects" of other actions:

  1. When an admin moves a page over an existing one, the old page at the target is deleted. This deletion is an automatic log;
  2. When a user is renaed, the user's pages all get moved to the userspace of the new name; the logs of these moves are automatic;
  3. When a user moves a talk page, or a subpage, along with its parent page;
  4. When a user with the "autopatrol" creates a page, the marking of thwat page as Patrolled;
  5. When a user moves a page which has any protection applied to it, the protection log entry which is created;
  6. When a user edits a page with "Pending edits" protection, the current version of the page is approved, and the user has the necessary level for his/her edit to be accepted;
  7. When a user edits and is autopromoted, the rights log entry which is created.

In all these cases, log entries are created which are for incidental results of the user's actions not for the main action the user was doing; it should be possible to hide these specific types of log entries, while show all other logs.



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Some of these, e.g. autopromotion, are now able to be filtered out by subtype/action

This doesn't help with my request - what IU would like is to be able to FILTER OUT all these incidental logs, and see only the intentional logs.