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Create webpack security standard for MediaWiki development
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Vague placeholder task for creating a standard/documentation wrt the use of webpack in MediaWiki development.

Things in Wikimedia production (that we know about) currently using webpack in some way:

There are some other quasi-webpack-related dependencies floating around for production code/dependencies as well (e.g. 1, 2, etc). And then things that use tools like storybook (MinervaNeue et al) that build artifacts which might end up on places like

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Some initial thoughts:

  1. I think the initial standard is: don't. Given the outcomes of the VueJS task force and commitments of various teams at this point, Rollup is likely to be the low-risk, paved-road approach for any JS-related build steps, e.g. T272879 and also a part of SX's current risk mitigation plan at T260236#6825798.
  2. I'm not saying the following is a perfect approach, but requiring human-readable (kinda) webpack artifacts with any relevant gerrit cs with the steps I performed and outlined here should be mostly feasible and sufficient for now. A couple of questions remain as to 1) how long we plan to support this kind of stuff until we... mandate? migration to Rollup and 2) how similar a manual review process Rollup artifacts might require.