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wfMsgWikiHtml() / wfMsgExt( 'parse' ) / wfMsgExt( 'parseinline' ) cannot be used inside tag hooks.
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Calling wfMsgWikiHtml() / wfMsgExt( 'parse' ) / wfMsgExt( 'parseinline' ) inside a tag hook exposes the UNIQ for the edit sections.

They call $wgOut->parse() which in turn use $wgParser, which is the same as the parent parser, whose state gets reset.

Version: 1.17.x
Severity: normal



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Extension test case bug25506.php

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Related to (or possibly depends on) bug 17329

Check was added in r79892 which tells the correct way to do it while bug 17329 is open.

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