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Breaking changes when upgrading from UploadWizard
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This task should list all breaking changes that were introduced in MediaUploader that may present themselves when upgrading from UploadWizard. Each item should have a link to the relevant task/patch and a suggested solution. This will be later used in documentation.

Note: the breaks should not be too serious. They should be mostly rare/edge cases or stuff that probably only Wikimedia uses. In short: you shouldn't have to worry about it.

  • Scripts for upgrading from older versions of UploadWizard are not shipped with MediaUploader.
  • There is no Wikibase support. statements and wikibase config settings were removed.
    • Task/patch: T274910patch
    • Suggested solution: There are no plans for Wikibase support, as this was specific to Commons. Any problematic elements in campaign configs should be removed.
  • There is no special patent and weapon handling for STL files.
    • Task/patch: T274910patch
    • Suggested solution: This should not be a problem for non-Commons users, but if it is, please mention it in T275248. A hook interface for that could be created.
  • Object references are not supported. labelPickImage, noticeExistingImage and noticeUpdateDelay config settings were removed.
    • Task/patch: T274910patch
    • Suggested solution: This was a Commons-specific feature, but if you did use it, check if your use case is covered by improved field configurability (T275264). If it's not, file a task explaining your use case, a more general solution may be added.
  • mwe-upwiz-license-custom-url message was removed
    • Task/patch: T275989patch
    • Suggested solution: Instead use the url field in license configuration array.
  • Campaign:- is now a page reserved for MediaUploader's internal use as the global config anchor.
    • Task/patch: T276242patch
    • Suggested solution: In the very unlikely case you have a campaign named - you should move it to a different name before upgrading.
  • Support for logging events using the EventLogging extension was removed.
    • Task/patch: T274910patch
    • Suggested solution: EventLogging infrastructure is very WMF-specific and it's hard to justify maintaining this without a real use case. If you would like to add and maintain event logging features in MediaUploader, file an appropriate task.
  • The tutorial is a piece of wikitext now, instead of an image. The relevant config settings were removed.
    • Task/patch: T228701patch
    • Suggested solution: The tutorial as an image was a Commons-specific feature, the new wikitext-based tutorial is much more flexible and should be used instead.
  • Extension:Campaigns support was removed.
    • Task/patch: T274910patch
    • Suggested solution: This was Wikimedia-specific code. The same can probably be easier achieved using a tool such as Google Analytics or Matomo.
  • The campaign definition schema is now enforced. Campaign schema fields for the removed features are no longer present. Some campaigns may fail to validate.
    • Task/patch: T277535: Rewrite campaign JSON Schema validation
    • Suggested solution: A new maintenance script (FixCampaigns.php) was added to resolve most of the issues automatically. It is ran when upgrading using the update.php script. Some issues in the campaigns may still remain, they have to be resolved manually.
  • The functionality for uploading images directly from Flickr was removed.
  • All messages were renamed from mwe-upwiz-* to mediauploader-*. This means that if you had any message overrides on your wiki, they will stop working.
    • Task/patch: T291640
    • Suggested solution: MediaUploader removed some messages, but many are analogous to those from UW. You can use the special page Special:PrefixIndex to find any relevant message overrides on your wiki so that you can rename them.
  • All CSS classes were renamed from mwe-upwiz-* to mediauploader-*. If you had any custom CSS styles, they will stop working.
    • Task/patch: T291640
    • Suggested solution: The first release of MediaUploader has an almost identical interface to UW, so you can just substitute the prefix. Note that a future release will include a complete overhaul of the UI.


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