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LivePreview makes page "jump"
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When using the keyboard short cut the following happens:

  1. Page is scrolled down to the height of preview button
  2. As soon as the preview is loaded it's scrolled up

If preview is clicked a second time:

  1. Old preview content is display:none -> page jumps
  2. New content comes in -> page jumps

The provided patch fixes that irritating behaviour. Was in use at commonswiki for months.

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Severity: enhancement




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Trevor, Michael,

Is this still outstanding?

I ask because it seems to be related to some other "my window is jumping around" bugs.

Bug #26679 also has complaints about jumpy windows.

sumanah wrote:

DieBuche, I see that this patch no longer cleanly applies to trunk -- sorry. I'm thus marking it reviewed.

I fixed the patch (it just needed --ignore-whitespace to apply) and submitted to gerrit as I743ed45e039445242a99a23cad719a75731c5562.

I was going to review the patch, but I can't reproduce the bug. Can someone post reproduction steps? Thanks.

Nevermind, I see it now...

Preview an edit twice on a long article and you'll see the jumpiness.