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Update templates to pull resource descriptions from json files instead of the database
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Once partner descriptions are located in json files in the codebase (T278334), we need to update Library Card's templates to use this data instead of fetching them from the database. Because we're now storing those descriptions as HTML, we can do away with our Pandoc parsing/caching and revert to using the strings directly.

Acceptance criteria

  • Nothing in the Library Card should be loading partner descriptions stored in the database.
  • Fragment caching shouldn't be used for partner descriptions.

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This is dependent on T273877, but I can start this from my working branch until that gets merged!

This is looking good! I changed my interface language to German and the description coverage looks spotty, however - many publishers don't have their translated description. Did we import all the existing German language translations?

I've re-added the German descriptions :)