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Checkbox of "Allow emails from brand-new users" is modifiable for user without email
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Steps to Reproduce:

Register a user without email, and go to Special:Preference.

Actual Results:

Checkbox of "Allow emails from brand-new users" is modifiable.

For version 1.31, this checkbox was unmodifiable for user without email, is this change intentional?

Event Timeline

I found there is oo-ui-fieldLayout-disabled class in the outer div, but the inputbox has aria-disabled="false" attitude.
Maybe a problem related to OOUI.

This checkbox is enabled by Js.

Change 680349 had a related patch set uploaded (by Func; author: Func):

[mediawiki/core@master] Disable checkbox of "Allow emails from brand-new users" when the email is not set

Change 680349 merged by jenkins-bot:

[mediawiki/core@master] Follow-up d674d655dc: Disable new users checkbox if e-mail isn't set

matmarex assigned this task to Func.