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Selecting "Expand short articles" with any other filter on Danish Wikipedia leads to zero result
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Using Suggested Edits on the homepage on Danish Wikipedia, it is not possible to display a list of results if "Expand short articles" task is selected (alone, or with other tasks).

Selecting topics don't affect the results. It is only a task issue.

  • If I select one task that is not "expand short article", I have some results
  • If I select several tasks that are not "expand short article", I have some results (whatever the task)
  • If I select "expand short article", I have zero results
    • It would be normal if there is no article with a stub template, but it is not the case
  • If I select "expand short article" and any other task, I have zero results
    • It is not normal, since other tasks return results when "Expand short article is not selected". Selecting this filter apparently blocks the display of other task types.

Maintenance templates are numerous for "Expand short article".
Template:Stub, first in the list, is used on +2,000 articles.

I tested this on French Wikipedia and Czech Wikipedia, where I wans't able to reproduce the issue.

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This instance of the issue was fixed/workarounded via this edit.

I firstly tried to see the status of task pool via, which throws an error (filled as T279651). Then I logged into mwmaint1002 to see if listTaskCounts.php has the same result, and I found out it does not:

[urbanecm@mwmaint1002 ~]$ mwscript extensions/GrowthExperiments/maintenance/listTaskCounts.php --wiki=dawiki
Search request is longer than the maximum allowed length. (Actual: 465, allowed: 300, not counting articletopic)
[urbanecm@mwmaint1002 ~]$

This immediately led me to look into the history of MediaWiki:NewcomerTasks.json, and I noticed there were a lot of templates added by an on-wiki administrator. The templates exceeded the limit for search query imposed by the API, which means the API errored out. As a result, the task pool was empty.

I will send a message to the administrator who added the templates, and discuss what to do next with them. One possibility is to use child templates – the templates they added appear to all use Template.standardstub. We can add that to the list of templates, which will still work, while keeping the query under-the-limit.

Moving into sprint and QA: @Etonkovidova I think we should make sure the same issue (empty task pool for a topic) doesn't happen on other wikis, or with other topics. It should be possible to check that via loading on our target wikis.

Checked the numbers on Speciel:NewcomerTasksInfo on dawiki and the numbers of tasks in SE module - all seem to be matching and no errors were thrown.

Since there are some follow-up tasks filed, this task can be closed as Resolved.