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Inconsistent behavior of redirects on existing images in pages versus API
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If an image is uploaded and the description page is edited to be a redirect, MediaWiki generally seems to ignore the redirect and use the existing image. However, prop=imageinfo treats it as if it is a redirect with no image present at the title.

To reproduce:

  1. Upload an image, e.g. File:Test.png
  2. Edit the description page to make it a redirect to another image.
  3. Use an image link to [[File:Test.png]] in the page. Note that it displays the image at File:Test.png, not whatever the redirect points to.
  4. Use the API's prop=imageinfo with titles=File:Test.png. Note that it displays no imagerepository="" instead of imagerepository="local", and gives no other information about the image.

I personally don't care whether the API is changed to match the in-page behavior, or the in-page behavior is changed to match the API. But one or the other needs fixing.

Version: 1.17.x
Severity: normal



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Anomie created this task.Nov 21 2010, 6:55 AM

I see that the general action=query&redirects=1 option also follows image redirects unconditionally, rather than only when no file actually exists for the name as the normal interface does.