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(Need By: TBD) rack/setup/install phab1004 (was: phab1002)
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This task will track the racking, setup, and OS installation of <enter the FQDN/hostname of the hosts being setup here>

Hostname / Racking / Installation Details

Hostnames: phab1004.
Racking Proposal: No restrictions as this replaces phab1001
Networking/Subnet/VLAN/IP: 1GBE on internal vlan for row. Both IPv4 and IPv6.
Partitioning/Raid: standard sw raid1 2devices
OS Distro: Buster

Per host setup checklist

Each host should have its own setup checklist copied and pasted into the list below.


  • - receive in system on procurement task <enter task # here> & in coupa
  • - rack system with proposed racking plan (see above) & update netbox (include all system info plus location, state of planned)
  • - bios/drac/serial setup/testing
  • - add mgmt dns (asset tag and hostname) and production dns entries in netbox, run cookbook sre.dns.netbox.
  • - network port setup via netbox, run homer to commit
  • - firmware updates
    • end on-site specific steps
  • - operations/puppet update - this should include updates to install_server dhcp and netboot, and site.pp role(insetup) or cp systems use role(insetup::nofirm).
  • - OS installation & initital puppet run via wmf-auto-reimage or wmf-auto-reimage-host
  • - host state in netbox set to staged

Once the system(s) above have had all checkbox steps completed, this task can be resolved.

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added phab1002 to site.pp with "insetup" role already. Just needs DHCP.

phab1002 Rack B1 U26 cable id #3948 Port22

phab1002 and phab1003 names were already used (T195623, T221389), shouldn't this be phab1004?

hmm.. @Majavah is right, thank you for catching that. Yea, it should be phab1004

Dzahn renamed this task from (Need By: TBD) rack/setup/install phab1002 to (Need By: TBD) rack/setup/install phab1004 (was: phab1002).May 14 2021, 6:25 PM
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@Jclark-ctr @Cmjohnson Renamed the ticket based on the comments above. If you already entered the hostname phab1002 for this in places, can it be changed to phab1004 (better early than later, at least, right?) Thanks!

Glad it's easy, cool, thank you

Cmjohnson added subscribers: RobH, Cmjohnson.

@RobH same thing, this server is ready for install if you have the time.

Change 696712 had a related patch set uploaded (by RobH; author: RobH):

[operations/puppet@production] phab1004 setup params

Change 696712 merged by RobH:

[operations/puppet@production] phab1004 setup params

Script wmf-auto-reimage was launched by robh on cumin1001.eqiad.wmnet for hosts:


The log can be found in /var/log/wmf-auto-reimage/202105272341_robh_28743_phab1004_eqiad_wmnet.log.

Completed auto-reimage of hosts:


and were ALL successful.

RobH updated the task description. (Show Details)

thanks, Rob! the continuation of this will be T280597