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Create extra types for notice and featured-style {{ambox}} templates
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Hey! The Russian Wikipedia uses not only template-based warnings, but also regular messages that do not tell about problems. It is very strange for them to see the "warning triangle" on the mobile version.

For example we have a template for featured articles (Шаблон:Избранная_статья), and now in mobile it uses triange, but we want to use star or circle:

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Iniquity renamed this task from Create extra types for notice and feachured {{ambox}} templates to Create extra types for notice and featured-style {{ambox}} templates.May 17 2021, 2:03 AM
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Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all. I'd love to make a parser function for ambox templates to revisit the "mess" that is Minerva page issues, but that's a big project.

I recommend avoiding the ambox classes if possible or at least following the guidance on

Note the page issues handling can be disabled via $wgMinervaPageIssuesNewTreatment = ['base' => false ] so one potential solution is for the templates themselves to be made mobile friendly and for this code to be removed altogether.