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Reassign idwiki Editors to be Reviewers
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In order to fully implement T268317, reassign users with Editor right at idwiki to become Reviewer.

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Can a 'crat from idwiki does this using a bot? I can do it through a maintenance script but there won't be any logs. Once that's done we basically remove editor user group.

If It's too much, I can make myself 'crat for a bit and do it.

I am not familiar using bot to assign user rights. Perhaps there is any pointers for me to learn? Thank you!

The API endpoint is this:

You can write something in js (and use mw.api) or use pywikibot.Site to make the API requests.

@Ladsgroup I've talked to a few, and it seems that no idwiki crat is comfortable with using the bot for user right assignment. Would you consider doing it, if you're not too busy?

I can try this weekend if my second 5G chip don't have too much side effects.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2021-08-03T18:47:10Z] <Amir1> running mwscript migrateUserGroup.php --wiki=idwiki editor reviewer (T286853)

Ladsgroup claimed this task.

Can this be done with the maintenance script?

I didn't know this script exists, nice. Done now.