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Difficulty uploading video file to Commons via multiple methods
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Background on video file. File is 44 minutes long and encoded in VP9/Opus in a WebM container. File is approximately 1GB.

Initially I uploaded via UploadWizard. File was fully uploaded after several hours and metadata and other information were added. However, when it came time to move to depicts statements, the uploader failed and gave an unknown error.

Next I thought I would try a specialty tool, bigChunkedUpload, to create the file by direct upload to Commons page File:2021july17-wi-spa-protest.webm. However, after all chunks were uploaded, the video file failed assemble and publish.

However, bCU had left a complete webm file in my UploadStash, so I switched on the Enhanced Upload Stash js via "Further Information" button and proceeded to try to publish it that way. I tried this twice. Each time, it said it was publishing, however a hover-message would appear at the top-right saying "woah this may take a while, check back tomorrow at <file page>". Each time, it failed to publish after checking back the subsequent day.

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I am experiencing this issue as well. I either get the "Unknown error" as mentioned above, or "The server did not respond within the expected time" after the Upload Wizard had begun assembling. bCU does assemble the file after a long while, but fails to publish. I cannot publish from the stash either (as per above). I have not done extensive testing but the error does seem to be specifically limited to files larger than 1,073,741,824 bytes/1 GiB.

@Gwennie-nyan @Askeuhd There's been a patch applied that fixes one problem that gave symptoms exactly like those described in this task. Could you both retry the uploads you mentioned to see if they go through now?

@Xover - that sounds promising! I will test it out tonight or tomorrow at the latest. Thanks.

@Xover - I succesfully uploaded a 2.85 GB video using the Upload Wizard here so I'd say it is working now. Thanks a lot to everyone.

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