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[Gadget authors] Vector dropdown menu HTML has changed, please review impacted gadgets
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If you are noticing any issues with menus created via gadgets where the heading is a large font-size like in the example below,
then you can fix this adding the CSS class .vector-menu-dropdown-noicon to the enlarged element.

Example problem:

Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 10.55.52 AM.png (596×1 px, 92 KB)

Example fix:

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If I understand correctly, this would be a suitable Tech News entry? If not, please provide an improved version.

Some gadgets and user-scripts add items to the [[m:Customization:Explaining_skins#Portlets|portlets]] (article tools) part of the skin. A recent change to the HTML may have made those links a different font-size. This can be fixed by adding the CSS class <code>.vector-menu-dropdown-noicon</code>. []

Frostly renamed this task from [Gadget authors] Vector dropdown menu HTML has changed please review impacted gadgets to [Gadget authors] Vector dropdown menu HTML has changed, please review impacted gadgets.Sep 29 2021, 5:01 PM

Is there anything left to do in this ticket, or can this be resolved? Asking as this is under "Already announced/Archive" in User-notice only, with no other tags.

Jdlrobson claimed this task.

Is the .vector-menu-dropdown-noicon class still needed? A code search shows it's still being added by legacy Vector, and is checked for in tests, but apparently isn't being used anywhere else in MediaWiki. A global search of the wikis shows usage in a few user's personal CSS. The JS all seem to be copies of Twinkle.

@MusikAnimal I checked in with developers and it does seem that we can remove this class. The vector-menu-dropdown-noicon was temporarily added to support migrating the watchstar icon but I don't think that's needed any more and definitely not in legacy Vector. Removed in - thanks for flagging!