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Library should display in the user's selected language
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Bug reproduction steps: login → change your language to Deutsch → open the site in incognito/in some other browser then your current browser/ in your smartphone, with browser set to English, and login again you will see the language set to Deutsch in your profile but the interface will be in English.

This is unintended behaviour. When users select a language which differs from their browser language we should respect that and always update the interface to display in the language selected in their preferences.

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This was reported in T226804 and may be fixed as part of that task.

The cause of this is the code that maintains the browser-configured language during the oauth process. That's the right thing to do when users haven't logged in and set their language yet, but clearly the account preference should take priority once signed in.

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LGTM, tested by setting my language to French then logging in via incognito window, and everything was in French as expected!