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Investigate existing research on in-product communication and/or survey
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Work in progress results of the investigation.

External Surveys

  • Harassment Survey
    • Methodology: Conducted over a period of two weeks during November 2015. Released gradually over the course of the first five days based on project size, starting with release to the smaller communities before its opening to the larger projects. The survey was available in 16 different languages. Survey was a voluntary opt-in survey.
    • Results: Of the 3,845 Wikimedia users who participated, 38% of the respondents could confidently recognize that they had been harassed, while 15% were unsure and 47% were confident that they had not been harassed. Similarly, 51% witnessed others being harassed, while 17% were unsure and 32% did not witness harassment.
  • English Wikipedia Admin Confidence Survey
    • Methodology: Survey was open for 2 weeks for any active English Wikipedia administrator. Hosted on Google Form. Provided a custom privacy statement.
    • Results.
  • Administrator’s Noticeboard/Incidents Survey
    • Methodology: Hosted on Google Form.
    • Results.
  • Building a Better Harassment Reporting System
    • Methodology: Roundtable during Wikimania.
    • Results.
  • Reporting System Sentiment Survey
    • Methodology: Anonymous survey hosted on Qualtrics. Emailed to affiliates, announced on noticeboards with link provided through email. Open for four weeks.
    • Results.

In-product Surveys

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