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Account problems (Wrong provider ..\CentralAuth\Session\CentralAuthSessionProvider !== CentralAuthSessionProvider)
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Was kicked out of account 3 times in a short period (10 minutes i guess), never happened before.

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Thanks for the report. Some folks are working on fixing this.

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Known issue, being fixed via reverting the cause (

ooMsXHwB9aenX4524LvT - Oct 7, 2021 @ 19:13:36.578:

Session "{session}": Wrong provider MediaWiki\Extension\CentralAuth\Session\CentralAuthSessionProvider !== CentralAuthSessionProvider

Filtered above error at

Krinkle renamed this task from Account problems to Account problems (Wrong provider ..\CentralAuth\Session\CentralAuthSessionProvider !== CentralAuthSessionProvider).Oct 7 2021, 8:16 PM