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Update the Interface Administrator rights in Bengali Wikibooks
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Based on this discussion, the Bengali Wikibooks community has agreed to add the following permissions for its Interface Administrators:

  • suppressredirect (All namespaces)
  • editcontentmodel (All namespaces)
  • delete (Only Mediawiki namespace )

This task is related to tasks T296640 and T296653.

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taavi subscribed.

Which problem is this trying to solve? Interface admin group was designed to only let people who have a clear need to edit CSS/JS to be able to do that, not as a generic technical group with a wider range of rights.


  1. This is required to move JS, CSS templates and MediaWiki namespace pages. At present we have to wait for the administrator to move these.
  2. Same as point 1. (It is already entitled to the interface editors, but there is no local interface editor in Bengali Wikibooks which is in many projects)
  3. Its default permission for Interface Administrators, but it is not working in Bengali wikibooks.

@Majavah BTW, you can also check out this task (T222018) where more workspaces (permissions) have been added for the interface administrators.

@Zabe What do you think about this (T222018) task and points 2 and 3?

In T296751#7537956, @Hirok_Raja wrote:

@Zabe What do you think about this (T222018) task and points 2 and 3?

Please see WP:OTHERSTUFFEXISTS. That seems related to the initial IA rollout, and the current standards were probably not established then (plus it was a merging of an existing group).

@Majavah The reference task T222018 is not the subject of my discussion. I mention this just to make it clear that the subject is nothing new! Basically, the main job of an interface administrator is on all JS and CSS pages. MediaWiki namespaces are also included. But if the MediaWiki namespace pages need to be removed, who will do it?? In most projects this is done by an interface administrator. By the way, the administrator of Bengali Wikibooks cannot move or remove the pages of this namespace (gadgets-definition).

And....... MediaWiki gadget-definition pages and related templates do not need to keep redirect when moving. How can this be possible without suppressredirect? Usually page movers and file movers get the suppression right. But neither of these is present in Bengali Wikibooks. Only administrators can do that (only Template namespace, not Mediawiki gadget definitions) and we have only one administrator.

Permission to change the page content model is required because if we want to sanitize a CSS page we have to wait for the administrator even though it is part of the interface (So far we have no local interface editor). However, I can't say more about this.

Any other comments / opinions by other config change deployers to not have this task lingering? Thanks! :-/

Any other comments / opinions by other config change deployers to not have this task lingering? Thanks! :-/

Not a deployer but as a requent Wikimedia-Site-requests volunteer I think the consensus among deployers and within the WMF is, and has been for some time, not to favour the expansion of the interface administrator permissions as explained above, mainly due to security concerns and as such this is listed in (section: Proposed changes with security and/or legal liability issues). While consensus can change, it seems unlikely at this stage and suggest that this task be closed as declined.

MdsShakil changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Jul 26 2022, 2:19 PM