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Setup demo server in Cloud VPS project
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Setup a demonstration server using Docker and the PipelineLib managed post-merge container in our new Cloud VPS project. Ideally the implementation will include an auto-update mechanism so that new builds are automatically noticed and deployed when ready. Bonus points if this also logs a SAL message so we can see the deploy history easily (and trace back update failures).

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$ ssh
$ sudo vim /etc/apt/sources.list # Fix config for T291168
$ sudo apt install podman docker-compose
$ sudo podman pull
$ sudo podman run --name developer-portal --label 'io.containers.autoupdate=image' --rm --detach --publish
$ sudo podman generate systemd --new --name developer-portal | sudo tee /etc/systemd/system/developer-portal.service
$ sudo systemctl enable developer-portal
$ sudo systemctl start developer-portal
$ sudo systemctl edit podman-auto-update.timer # Set to run every 5m
$ sudo systemctl enable podman-auto-update.service
$ sudo systemctl start podman-auto-update.service

$ sudo podman logs -f developer-portal

The container is exposed as

apaskulin subscribed. is up and running with auto-deployed builds 🎉