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Texts modifications - feedback notes from translators
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@Anthere There are growing number of translation issues that have not been addressed and even patches to address some that have not been merged. I made a quick list of things I found:

Jan23 T299863: Backslashes in some ISA messages
Feb7 T301172: [[Wikimedia:Isa-ef38d1-It is running on tools.wmflabs/ja]] translation issue
Feb7 T301112: [[Wikimedia:Isa-a42700-=3Cstrong=3EWikimedia Commons=3C/str/en]] contains outdated number

It's not acceptable from the point of view of and translators if these issues continue to be unaddressed for a long time.

I read you
So... it is not out of good will from my part Nikerabbit. But I have no idea how I can change myself the « text that is within the application itself ». I do understand the issue (I think...). I have also wished sometimes that I be able to change the English source text. But the truth is... I have no idea how I can do that myself. I nevertheless thank you for summarizing the issue, which is very helpful.

I will discuss that with Sebastian to see if he can help, but it is no use screaming on me because I can not fix that. Sebastian has worked fixing several critical issues in the past two weeks so that the tool could be operating for the Women’s Month and his help has been invaluable. I do understand the translate wiki community not being happy and I hope we can fix that very quickly. But critical bugs were priority.

I apologize about the harsh tone of my message. My intention was to bring these issues to your attention because you are listed as the contact person. It is not known to us what your plans and priorities are, so I wanted to make sure that you are aware of these issues and our expectations.

This is not the most urgent thing and I understand you have other priorities. Please take this as early heads up notification in order to prevent this becoming a pressing issue for us in the future.

Another reminder about patches waiting for review to fix some translation issues:"l10n"+(status:open)

I have updated the task description to make it easier to find what's still pending.

Thank you for doing this Nikerabbit