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iPhone Native Crash with UTF-8
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Author: hcatlin

The native app crashes if you put in UTF-8 characters. Doh!

Version: 1.0.0 (Android)
Severity: blocker



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mathieu.peyrega wrote:

I have the same behavious here, which is really annoying for French users as we have a lot of caracter with accents in ours words...
This make the application unusable...

On the page about this app in iTunes ( ) i see three customer reviews in Hebrew saying that searching in Hebrew crashes the app. This is probably caused by the same bug.

The app is not so new; is this new behavior? Could it change because of some server-side change?

Too bad there aren't any dates on those reviews...

mathieu.peyrega wrote:

(In reply to comment #3)

Too bad there aren't any dates on those reviews...

No dates either, but the french "eval" page on itunes also report lots of bug (without further investigations which from my point of view really seems to be character encoding related)

"plantage intempestif à chaque recherche" (crash for every research)
"Bug à chaque recherche" (bug for every research)

Hampton, can we get an update on where you are with this? thanks.

hcatlin wrote:

This is now fixed in the codebase. I'm preparing the release notes.

Any idea of when is this going to be actually released? My Israeli iPhone-using friends are asking me about this, knowing that i'm "the Wikipedia guy".

hcatlin wrote:

Its fixed in the code... still waiting for Tomasz to deploy.

I'll assign the ticket to him. ;)

Tomasz said he is going to do this tomorrow! Yippee!

Latest source is confirmed and working on my simulator .. Now to just shepherd
it through the app approval process.

got some OTRS tickets regarding this problem. all Israeli. crashes on all ios versions.

The new version of the App has been uploaded to the iTunes App store. Apple just has to approve it now.

5 days it doesn't look like they've updated.... Appleeeee!

They finally approved it! It's moving to the app store now :) Resolving.