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db1175 not booting up
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When trying to reimage db1175 to Bullseye the host doesn't reboot.
I have connected to the console, but I do not see any output from the screen, so I don't know where it stops.

Tried multiple times to power off, hard reset, power off....but the output of the boot process remains blank.
I think it needs local troubleshooting to see what's going on with the start up process.

Setting this to high priority as we shouldn't have replicas lagging behind from the master for days.

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Marostegui created this task.

db1175 had a correctable DIMM error, the issue during the reboot is that the DIMM was A1 and that caused it to fail during post. I had to take the server down to 2 DIMM to figure that out, I added all the DIMM back and rearranged the DIMM in slot A1 to B6. I will resolve this for now and if an error occurs again please reference this task.

Thanks Chris! The server was able to get reimaged