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Don't send multiple waitlist emails to users who already received one for a given application
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When a partner is switched from Available to Waitlisted, we toggle open applications to waitlisted and send the relevant users an email. We also automatically (un-)waitlist partners based on the number of available accounts and the number of users with authorizations.

For proxy-based publishers with waitlists, an access might expire naturally, removing the waitlisted status. When a new user fills that spot, the partner becomes waitlisted again, triggering an email to all users with open applications.

This results in users getting spammed with emails as the partner gets waitlisted and unwaitlisted on a regular basis.

For any given application, we should only tell the user their application has been waitlisted once. After that, further re-waitlisting of the partner should not trigger additional emails to those users who already received an email.

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I'm probably not going to find time to continue working on this soon.

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