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Stale data / missing pages in HTML ("enterprise") dumps
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  • Download enwiktionary HTML dump (April 1st, 2022)
  • Untar file
Stale data:
$ jq -r 'select(.name == "apreciable")' enwiktionary_*ndjson | head
  "name": "apreciable",
  "identifier": 2713698,
  "date_modified": "2021-03-19T05:53:16Z",
  "version": {
    "identifier": 62182446,
    "comment": "convert {{es-adj-old}} to new {{es-adj}} format",

What happens?:
The data returned is from March 2021. ("date_modified": "2021-03-19T05:53:16Z")

What should have happened instead?:
The data returned is from March 2022. (last edit 2022-03-09, diff)

Missing page:
$ jq -r 'select(.name == "paniaguarse")' enwiktionary_*ndjson

What happens?:
No output.

What should have happened instead?:
Data is returned for the page paniaguarse (created 2018-07-11)

There seem to be missing or outdated pages in all the recent (enwikt) HTML dumps I've tried. If it's useful, I can try to compile a list by diffing with the XML dump.

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Thanks for adding this @jberkel - we'll look into it!

Just a thought: perhaps the HTML dumps should be generated from the XML dumps, so that the revisions in both match (and they can both be used interchangeably without consistency problems).

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I thin this might be related to T274359.

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Any updates on this? The task has been moved around a bit recently, but it's not clear what is happening. Is it difficult to fix?