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Allow privileged user reset others signature
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Feature summary: Privileged user (admin etc.) should be able to reset other user's signature if their signature content violate local policy.

Use case:
Many projects have local policy of signature, these policies focus on signature's content and syntax, like length limitation, should not impersonating other's signature, should not be used for canvassing etc. Most policies allow admin to block a user with problematic signature until they change their signature, but the impact of such block may be too big.
Similar to partial block function, which was launched to "prevent damage or disruption to Wikipedia, not to punish users" (WP:PB@enwiki), I thought it's reasonable to develop a function which allow admin (or other privileged user) to reset signature to default status.

This allows contributor continue their contribution without such "punishment", and local signature policy get a better and quicker enforce.

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Has this task come out of a local discussion somewhere (If so, can it be linked)? Its better to develop features because of a shown need, not just because we can, as everything we develop causes some form of [technical / staffing] debt when it comes to maintaining it.

Issue was raised at here but this discussion is just a pure suggestion rather than a consensus.