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Newcomer edit type analysis
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Some communities have expressed concern that newcomers who try "add a link" won't learn to conduct other types of edits. We would like to know if this concern is valid.


  • What percentage of newcomers who make an “add a link” structured task edit as their first edit, go on to make an edit of another type within 30 days?
  • What percentage of newcomers who make an edit, go on to make another edit of ANY type type during another session within 30 days? (In other words, I think we need some sort of baseline metric to provide context to the first question).

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mpopov triaged this task as Medium priority.Jul 5 2022, 5:11 PM
mpopov moved this task from Triage to Current Quarter on the Product-Analytics board.

We have a draft report that's being reviewed by @KStoller-WMF and the team. If we find that we have what we need, we'll write up a summary either in this task or on wiki.

We've decided that we want to get a short report of the findings up on Mediawiki, which I'll time box and work on next week.

The analysis report is on, and this task is completed.

While sharing this work wit the Product Analytics team, I noticed the notebook wasn't available. It's now on GitHub: