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Track server load on Commons after changes to [[c:Template:Wikidata_Infobox]]
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Hi, I'm not too sure where to ask this, hope this is OK.

We're going to deploy a big change tomorrow to:
We're moving a good chunk of the code from Wikitext to Lua, as a result of T305869. The infobox is currently used in around 4 million Commons categories.

The change should significantly reduce the load time for the infobox, and we'd be interested in seeing if that has any affect on the loads of the servers that host Commons. Perhaps it might also affect the rate at which Commons retrieves Wikidata items (if it can spend less time processing, more time fetching info). Would that be feasible / is this info public somewhere?

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I suppose somewhere like would be a good place to start looking?

Maybe, but way too cryptic. No search results for 'Commons'...

For the time Lua uses see
It will propably peak after the save as the pages move over to the new version and then normalize. So, compare the time after the save to when it was last edited.

For the database you want to watch the "s4" cluster, which includes commons and testcommons. I do not know which graph is best there.

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Thanks! The new code is live, some changes appeared on the Grafana link @Snaevar shared, but they looked reasonable. If anyone spots any problems with server load from commons, please let me know, otherwise the big change has now happened. :-)

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