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Synced slide should reflect user interest
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The Android team is improving the onboarding and guidance experience in the Android app. We would like to tailor the experience of onboarding screens based on the interest of users.

The Task
Depending on which option a user selects, they will see a different slide for what was formerly the Reading Lists Synced Slide

  • If a user selects reading, show reading lists
  • If a user selects edit, show suggested edits

Must haves

  • PM to add logic to task
  • Designer to create a mockups of the varying slides
  • Analyst to share feedback about instrumentation
  • Engineers build
  • QA Test each of the variables

User Stories

As the Wikipedia Android app user, I want to learn about features in onboarding based on my goals of using the app, so I can dive right into using the app in a way that makes sense for me

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