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Enable Extension:CustomSidebar on Hindi Wikipedia
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Author: vibhijain

Please enable Extension:CustomSidebar on Hindi Wikipedia. The local consensus is here:विकिपीडिया:New_Extension

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Severity: enhancement



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This would break parser caching.

mayurdce wrote:

No, I think no problem with this at all with mediawiki ,as this exetension is already being used by Bharatakosh(, nothing happened there.Plz reconfirm it

vibhijain wrote:

Hindi Wikipedia community has no problem with this, so why other users have
which are not effected with this.

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'Local consensus' link leads to a nonexistent page.

Assuming this is about ...

Source is not in our SVN, so it would need to be copied & reviewed prior to any potential deployment.

I really don't like this extension however; per-page sidebar tweaks aren't really how the sidebar's generally meant to be used, and the current sidebar syntax is sufficiently *horrible* to use that I really really wouldn't want to start hardcoding that in more places.

The system for pulling the sidebar info from the page seems to explicitly deal with parser caching not by using MediaWiki's own systems (for instance, saving the relevant information with the ParserOutput object and then pulling it out from the cached object) but by simply hiding the sidebar chunk in the parsing, then during the skin's sidebar processing it *expands templates and variables, strips comments, finds the sidebar chunk, and then processes that. THis feels very.... icky!

It also seems to interact with $wgEnableSidebarCache by .... saving a single sidebar cache per language for the entire site. This seems like it will not actually work?

I definitely recommend against this extension or anything that works like it does.

If custom sidebar lines need to be added in only a few specific cases, you can do this now using site JS to conditionally append items to the sidebar (or site CSS to conditionally show/hide a line based on page title or a couple other things).

If there's a real, specific need that's different, please go into details about the actual requirements and we'll see whether something that fits Wikimedia's performance and security needs better without messing anything up could be devised. (Personally I would recommend against anything along these lines though.)