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Add an image: Design first iteration of the section-level "Add an image" workflow
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User Story
As a logged in newcomer, I want a structured task that helps me add an image to a specific section within an article, because then I can learn to edit Wikipedia in a useful way.


  • Newcomers have more image suggestions available to them
  • Newcomers have a slightly more challenging image task to “level up”
  • Readers can enjoy more images in articles

We will take what we've learned from article-level image suggestions (add an image), and utilize the new section-level image suggestions the Structured Data team is working on, to create a structured task to add an image to a specific section.


  • Is it a different task from the other "add an image" structured task?
    • Yes, the section level image suggestions task will be a different, harder task than "add an image" since it requires a newcomer to both understand if the images fits with the article, but also if it fits with the article topic and the section topic.
  • Is it visible and selectable like all other tasks? Or does it get “unlocked” based on some criteria (e.g., after 10 Add image tasks completed)?
    • The task should be visible and selectable, but it will likely be a task that users "level up" to, not an "easy" task that is selected by default for new accounts.
  • What does “one” task equal?
    • 1 image suggestion for 1 section in an article? (similar to Add image)
  • If there are multiple suggestions for the same article in the feed (for different images / sections) will that confuse newcomers?
    • Due to the way tasks are suggested I think this is an edge case, and when it happens it should be clear to the newcomer that the suggestion is for a different section.
  • Are there similar “reasons” and metadata being shown as in the "add an image" task?
    • Yes. Newcomers should have the context as to why an image is being suggested.
  • Will there be different rejection reasons?
    • TBC: For now let's keep the current rejection reasons plus a new one: Section should not have image.

Rejection reasons:

  • Image is not relevant
  • Section should not have image
  • Not enough information to decide
  • Image is offensive
  • Image is low quality
  • I don't know this subject
  • I can’t read the language in the image details
  • Other


  • Follows the same basic UX flow as "add an image", but with adjustments to the onboarding and VE UI to highlight that the image should relate to both the article's main topic and the specific section within the article.
  • Designs for both Mobile and Desktop
  • Present initial designs to Growth team (coordinate with Growth PM to schedule design deep dive)
  • Iterate on designs based on Growth team and Community feedback


Due Date
Mar 1 2023, 8:00 AM

Event Timeline

KStoller-WMF set Due Date to Mar 1 2023, 8:00 AM.

Adding feedback from @Isaac here:

when the article is from a wiki -- e.g., The image is used for the equivalent article section in ptwiki. -- could the <lang>wiki part of that statement link to the actual article so it can be checked? even better if there's a further (translation) link that would go to the e.g., google translation for the page so context/applicability could quickly be determined regardless of source language. in my experience, these are the most relevant images but it's nice to quickly check how it's used before saying yes.

@JFernandez-WMF - I added more details to the description to help answer some of the questions that will likely come up as you start to work on design, but I'm sure other questions will come up. If you want further product guidance, please feel free to just reach out and I'll continue to add details and answers to this task. Thanks!

The first iteration of mobile and desktop designs are complete, specs have been drafted, and phab tasks created. I think we can consider this task complete, and any follow up design questions that come up can be answered in the associated engineering task.