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Installing Drafts on MW 1.17.0 on SQLite gives a blank page
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Author: bashukhan

Installing Drafts on a latest MediaWiki installation running on SQLite gives a blank page. Disabling the extension fixes the issue.

MediaWiki 1.17.0
PHP 5.3.2 (cgi-fcgi)
SQLite 3.6.20 with full-text search support

Installation of Drafts and running update script was successful though.

Any solutions?

Version: unspecified
Severity: blocker
OS: Linux
Platform: PC



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There should have been an error message in your Apache error logs. Could you track down that error message and post it here?

Drafts for 1.17 is not compatible with SQLite, I'm surprised that updater didn't explode for you. I tried to backport the compatibility fixes, but there were some changes that prevented a clean backport.

bashukhan wrote:

At first I thought the same that the wiki has been exploded but I got lucky :D
So, if that's the case I would like to convert to MySQL sooner than later.